Arulmigu Dhenupureeswarar Temple

Patteeswaram - 612703

Arulmigu Dhenupureeswarar Trmple


The Holy Temple:

The Holy Temple:

The temple town pattesswaram is located eight kilometers due Southwest of Kumbakonam in Tamilnadu Of the Tevaram famed Saivaite shrines South of river Cauvery, Dhenupureeswaram ranks Twenty-third. This holy temple East-facing has five majestic Gopurams. The evolution of architecture proper to a span of centuries reveals Pallavas, Chola, Nayakka and Marathi strains and styles.

In the remotest past when Brahma thought of creating the earth , he created water.Lord Vishnu happened to cut down the evil Madhukaidavas. The cut pieces of the bodies floated on water created by brahma. On seeing that Brahma prayed to Lord Shiva to create the earth out of the hardened compound from the water and the flesh of the bodies. Lord Shiva appeared as a mountain. Lord Brahma who did not know this created many different mountains. As they did not have space to exist, he was sorrowful. The pranava God appeared and conveyed Brahma the truth through gestures. Brahma worshipped Lord Shiva who was the form of mountain. Shiva created the earth combining the flesh and the water compounded in a hardened form. He called it medhini. He gave space for the mountains of Brahma. He told Brahma that he was not different from the mountain. The mountains of Brahma came after that mountain. Hence the mountain of Shiva was named Pazha malai(old mountain). According to him, that Pazhamalai would be hard pressed on the earth appearing as Shiva linga above. Those who worshipped it would get all they wished for.

The Pride of place:

The Pride of place:

Especial is this holy site by virtue of Murti, Teerta and Sthalam, respectively meaning the manifest form, the manifest waters, and the manifest spot. History-records confirm that the Chola Kings workshipped Vinayaka in the Mata-Varana form, (must elephant) the holy Shanmuga and the holy Sri Durga, here. Bhairava workship also took place in the Chola period.

Goddess Durga Gracefully reigns and holds the Northern gate of the temple. She is the formost diety prayed for by all. She is known as Vishnu Durga, Durga lakshmi, Navasakthi Nayaki, Navayoga Nayaki, Navagraha Nayaki, Navaratri Nayaki, Navakodi Nayaki and by here thousand names.

Godess Durga is mother like Kalpaka free for this Kaliyuga, the last of the four yugas of Hindu Geonic Cycle, known for its perjoration.

Goddess Durga was considered the crowning Triumph of Chola Emperors. Seated upon the crest of mahishan. she appears as Simhavahini, Tripangarupini with her eight hands wielding chank, wheel, bow, dart, sword, armore with parrot on the left showing an 'abhaya' sign, semiotically signifying "Fear Not" Her face beams an elegant smile.

With vascillations, trouble -torn dilemmad if people come and cry "O Mother, Sri Durga, I have no way to live. I am ailing. No resort for me elsewhere. I surrender unto thee", readily would she rush to rid them of their angust, with her lotus-auric-feet the which to see thousands of eyes won't suffice. On the one-side, she would look as if asking: "What do you want" On the other 'Tarry a while, I shall Grant 'Such is Her Motherly love that has no parallel.

The Legend:

The Legend:

Mother Sakthi did perform askesis standing on one foot on this hoary spot. Celestial cow Kamadhenu had four daughters. Of them Patti came and propitiated this place. Lord Sri Rama to expiate for his killing Ravana came here; did and Brahmahatti left him fourthwith.Thus this site is Tantamount to Rameswaram in this respect. It was here sage Viswamitra got enlighted on Gayatri Mahamantra and was accredited as the Brahma Rishi. One Dharma Sharma was accursed to appear like a Dog by a Sage Metavi. The Loathsome curform vanished on Sharma's workshipping the Lord of this place.

It was a hot mid-afternoon. Servitor Dravida sisu Thirugnanasambandar came here. To offer Shade, God sent a pearly canopy and longed to see the child of Gnosis walking toward him; God ordered Nandi to stand aside, Thus for Thirugnanasambandar's sake Nandi moved aided.

The Fruit of Workship:

The Fruit of Workship:

As a vigneswar Puja to avert hurdles so is Durga puja toward off woe. Destroying all evil, removing all obstacles, she would grant us Great Life. Winners workship her Workshippers win her.

Durga workship is paramount in Kaliyuga sage. Parasurama obtained immortality. Sri Rama culd win after Durga Puja. Yudhishtra of Pandavas did the same puja before he had to take up an year's agnatavasam:Lift underground. Lord Krishna once counselled Arjuna to perform a Durga Puja. During India's freedom struggle, Sri Aurbindo, for emerging triumphant promulgated Durga-Workship.

Sri Durga Parameswari is combinatory manifestation of Sivam, Vishnu, Brahman, Yaman, Indran and other Celestials. She is multiform. For them meditate on Her, fears flee. Fear of mortality, Fear of munadi, Fear of the nether world. Fear of insecurity fear of different states of being, all vanish, Fruits of having workshipped all Devas are got.

It is asserted that everyday, during Raku Kal, Lord Raku comes to workship Durga. Hence Raku's Deity Durga shall greatly reward the resorter. During Tuesday, Friday and Sunday, during the eighth and the ninth phases of moon, and during New and Full moon days,Durga-workship is deemed great.

Raku and Mars are to blame for hurdles that beings experience in auspicious acts like marriage etc. To be rid of these hurdles, offereing a saree to the deity. Garlanding her with lemon fruits and lighting ghee-lamps equalling in number with one's years and workshipping with kumkum, would serve and obtain great results. Progency would increase. Tribe would flourish. All Opulence would be got.

Saree:Offered should be of 6 or 9 yards in length.

Lemon garlands should have 27,54,108 or 1008 fruits: Lemon is throught fruit royal. It is fit for mantra and tantra. It is Durga's relish offering this garland cures ills incurable.

Red Oleander: In creative and Oleander Sivan reside, Generally red hued floral garlands to durga cancels the adverse influences of Mars graha. Longevity shall increase. Goodess grace is got.

Kumkum: This is red turmeric powder for workship makes one valorous. If instils a sense of sacrifice a power to achieve all conceived and an energy thereof.

Vishnu Kranti: This rooty herb when used for a Sahasranama Archana would diminish the number of opponents.

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Arulmigu Dhenupureeswarar Temple

Patteeswaram - 612703

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